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Current exhibition

Espacio 0 presents the exhibition TODO FLORECE by the Cordoba painter Miguel Gómez Losada. It opens this Thursday, October 1. The exhibition brings together almost thirty works in oil on linen of different formats, being the most recent work of this artist that intermingles rural landscapes with intimate stories of pensive and self-absorbed women in the exhibition.

The title Todo Florece is taken from A toda vela 1, a children’s book of readings, Edelvives 1981, a motto that can be taken to art as a behavior. It would not be a matter of understanding the painting as a deposit of culture or as a mirror of who one is. On the contrary, painting would be linked to amazement, to what is seen for the first time. This is the attitude for the time that we have been lucky. Whatever happens, everything flourishes, acting the work with the tenderness of what is born, win like this:

“When a tree is growing it is tender and docile, but when it becomes dry and hard it dies. Hardness and strength are companions of death. The vigor of existence manifests itself through the docile and flexible. What becomes hard cannot succeed ”. [Stalker, 1979, Tarkovsky]

El hombre al nacer es blando y flexible,
y al morir queda rígido y duro.
Las plantas al nacer son tiernas y flexibles
y al morir quedan duras y secas.
Lo duro y lo rígido
son propiedades de la muerte.
Lo flexible y blando
son propiedades de la vida.
[Tao Te King, LXXVI]