Current Exhibition: Tres Tristes Tigres

Tongue twisters are fun games. They provoke in the speaker the need to overcome a challenge, but they are also a diversion with a didactic purpose that aims to favor the speaker’s diction. The Greeks who knew about the virtues of tongue twisters used it to glimpse those who should engage in oratory, those who should work.

The popular tongue twister that gives the exhibition its title presents us with an evocative image, three splendid animals that, in the absence of tasting a juicy prey, must settle for spending their grief in company, nothing closer to current reality. A devastating image, but nevertheless, and thanks to the humorous tone of the game itself, it is able to soften the narrative content of the popular text to even turn it into a diversion. An attitude that we should probably take note of today after an Annus horribilis.

The sample that is presented in Espacio 0 gathers the work of 15 experienced national and international artists, framed within the contemporary illustration. A generous journey through various aesthetic and narrative approaches: Sonia Alins, Raul Ariño, Anni Von Bergen, Aljoscha Blau, Koko Che Jota, María Hesse, Ana Langeheldt, Irene Mala, Diego Malló, Roger Olmos, Elena Pancorbo, Felix Scheinberger, Dani Torrent , Cristina Vela and Fernando Vicente

The exhibition that revolves around the human figure, takes us in a suggestive way to complex reflections on the identity of the human being, works far from the sobriety of traditional painting, which invite us to reflect on the positivity of life. Images that make us easily identify ourselves, close and direct, and that augur an irrepressible desire that everything that may come will be better.


You can visit the exhibition in Espacio 0 until January 2, 2021.