Current Exhibition: Primavera Pink

In this month of March, when the exhibition “Primavera Pink” by the artist Fran Mora opens, we also welcome a new spring that does not resemble the one that unfortunately we had to live a year ago and that in no way I would like to repeat.

Fran Mora’s artwork is always full of enthusiasm and vitality. Mora expresses his emotions through saturated and forceful colors, and with his determined and courageous brushstrokes, loaded with matter, he manages to shape vases full of flowers, plants and other everyday elements always linked to the idea of happiness, something as simple as an ice cream.

This exhibition is undoubtedly a hymn to life, color, optimism and the hope of a new spring in which our fields will flourish, and we will be able to participate again in this miracle of nature.

“Primavera Pink” is also a tribute to childhood, the author proposes us to reconnect with our inner child, with naivety, spontaneity and freshness.

The pink color referred to in the title of the exhibition is easily associated with femininity and therefore with fertility, with the explosion of life, with the blossoming of flowers, with spring itself.

Fran Mora’s proposal is undoubtedly an invitation to see life in pink color again.