Current Exhibition: “Hábitat” Ángela Mena

In Habitat, Ángela Mena pays tribute to nature, the animal and plant environment. The artist uses the observation of the landscape to create her works.
In the exhibition we can see his series “Nidos” and the parallelism that she makes with the natural architectures that birds make to live. Just as birds build their habitats in a totally intuitive way, but at the same time perfect, due to their survival and the perpetuation of the species depend on it, Ángela creates her artworks guided by her intuition, with hardly any sketches, it is the artwork that asks what it needs, and she lets herself be guided by her ability and the knowledge of the technique that precedes her.
The idea of a nest and the ability that birds have to make of the environment their habitat is closely related to the concept of family and how the effort of each of its members guarantees its proper functioning and prosperity. In the same way, the elements that Ángela creates are related to each other through shapes and color, in perfect harmony, forming a whole, as if it were a family.
We can observe in each of the artworks how the artist resorts to nature all the time to generate her forms and textures that are reminiscent, in many cases, of elements such as wood, marble and sand. Within the shapes we find gradients that evoke a sunset, or the perfect union that the horizon makes when the sky and the sea meet. Simultaneously, we can see atmospheres that take us to other places and vivid colors with many nuances present in the nature that surrounds us.
Ángela maintains a very personal style when it comes to painting, she is very intuitive and restless, which leads her continuously to observe and investigate and then generate works full of enthusiasm and vitality, but always with the neatness that characterizes her.
With this exhibition, the artist invites us to observe nature, to marvel at it, to value it, but above all to respect it.

Rocío Calvo Lázaro.