About us

Espacio 0 is a Contemporary Art Gallery located in Huelva. The project was born in 2014 and is currently the only private gallery in the city. Since its inception, the gallery has focused on exhibiting contemporary works of Andalusian figurative art, with a program that includes both established artists and emerging artists. Among his exhibitions he has also had artists of international and national recognition. The gallery is conceived as an open, young and dynamic space, where the concepts of exhibition and creation are combined, a space where the world of art is brought closer to the public. Space 0 is more than an exhibition space, which is why multiple activities are also carried out to boost the space: workshops, courses, guided tours, meetings with artists, workshops, events, book presentations, concerts, etc. Training stands out with its classes for small groups for both adults and children, in addition to graphic design courses. The training is taught by qualified teachers with extensive experience that brings them closer to the world of painting, drawing, graphic arts, illustration and design, introducing students to traditional and digital techniques. During these years, its careful exhibition calendar is a reference for the public interested in culture and art, both for its exhibitions and for its continuous training courses, and its specialization courses, as well as a space leisure in which to accommodate any artistic expression. In addition to the exhibition hall itself, it has a multifunctional space, a large training room equipped with professional materials and a gallery collection where you can enjoy selected works. During these years Espacio 0 has collaborated with prestigious festivals and organizations such as the University of Huelva, the León Ortega Art School, the Huelva Provincial Council, the Latitudes International Photography Festival, Art Sevilla, as well as working for various private entities.

Our team

well-qualified teachers and workers.

Director of Espacio 0 and professor of the Artistic Creation Workshop


Gallery assistant and customer service


Teacher of the Creative Classroom for children


Digital design teacher

Where to find us?


C/ Miguel Redondo Nº52

21003, Huelva

Opening hours


From Monday to Friday: 11:30-13:30, 18:00-21:00

Saturday: 11:30-13:30

Sunday: closed