For those who aim to be professionals, art and image is a job alternative now that the social media and internet is more important and relevant than ever before. To be prepared training is fundamental but sometimes access to a verified one can be complicated. El Taller Artistico is the option for you because of our classes come with a certificate

Our service is costume made. We don’t believe in stereotyped study plans far from the personal and artistic needs of the student. We want to satisfy your needs promoting a quality training that is much related with the development of artistic projects no matter of your initials abilities.

Our training is divided in three different ways: Courses, Workshops or Masterclasses.

The Courses of painting, drawing, modelling, illustration or Digital Image make a very open training, it takes place Monday to Friday. Meanwhile, workshops are more specific and are oriented to a specific task are on Thursdays afternoons, also in that timetable the painting with models classes are taking place. Our Masterclasses count with specialists that share their experiences and knowledge. On Saturday mornings it’s the time to young artists because we do our kids workshop ideal to parents who wants to promoter their kids creativity and culture.

These services can be provide by institutions demand as long as they provide a place, offering long term courses or specific workshops.


Creative Room for Kids.


Course of Illustration and Design

Painting with Models