Huelva will recover since the last one closes fifteen years ago a cultural center. This new one it’s called «Espacio cero». Directed by Gustavo Domínguez, son of the last gallerist, it’s the director of this new cultural center that combines workshops with exhibitions.



The Gallery «Espacio Cero» (Huelva) its home to the collective exhibition «Masterclass» with members of El Taller Artístico. Those works of art, photography, illustration and sculpture from 17 artists from Barcelona, Sevilla and Huelva.

A new expositive place located in Miguel Redondo street number 52, open its doors this Thursday November 1st with a José Luis Domínguez Navarro exhibit and under the brand of El Taller Artístico.


The recognised illustrator, teacher and designer Felix Scheinberger arrives in Huelva on June 15th due to his first exhibition in Spain titled «Zeichnungen».

This exhibition will be accompanied by a three day workshop where assistants from London, Barcelona, Almería or Málaga, and other cities, can enjoy live the skills of the German artist.

Pablo Merchante titled ¨Estamos muy solos¨ to the exhibit that inaugurates this afternoon at 8 P.M at Espacio 0 gallery in Huelva. This is the first individual exhibit the artist does in the last three years, the exhibit it’s a reflexion about loneliness and individual feelings against the society every time more global and collective.

HUELVA INFORMACIÓN journal, January 26th, day of the inauguration of «Poética y Avance», the exhibit of the artist Miguel Pérez Aguilera in Espacio 0.